For macOS

Requires OS X 10.9+ and works great with Shazam 1.2.4

What does ShazamScrobbler do?

It scrobbles songs being played around you, thanks to the official Shazam Mac app.

What's scrobbling

It's the action of tracking and publishing all your listening habits to your music profile.

Examples of use

Analog sources

Finally a way to scrobble your dusty vinyl, cassettes or other non-computer friendly sources.

Audio streams

Track your favorite radios, live sets, movie soundtracks and even in-game songs.


Track your musical environment in a café, at home or in any other dev-friendly places.


  1. If you don't already have a account, create one.
  2. If you don't already have the Shazam app, download it for free. (You need to let the app identify at least one song.)
  3. Open ShazamScrobbler, connect it to and... happy scrobbling!


How does it work?

ShazamScrobbler works together with the Shazam Mac App. Every songs identified by the Shazam app are stored somewhere on your Mac. ShazamScrobbler is able to detect and read the new entries, in order to scrobble those to

I opened the app and got an error message.

Make sure you've got the latest Shazam app and that it has identified at least one song.

How do you actually make sure that a scrobble has been played more than 30 seconds? GitHub issue #16.

We don't. We have to make assumptions as the Shazam app doesn't tell for how long a track have been played. However, when Shazam tags more than one song within 30 seconds, it means than the first song wasn't played long enough and only the next song will be scrobbled.

If already scrobbling, will my songs be scrobbled twice?